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RJ Live App Simple but Incredible

Rj Live presents android application for results, latest updates and much more. Live from 12 AM tonight be ready !

RJ Live App

Introducing our RJ Live android app. It's Simple but Incredible.
Now save your results in your pocket.

Download Rj Live android app

Rj live App

Dear students, we are happy to announce that soon you can download our rj live android application. By this app you can also get results and more updates of related universities.

We have listed some features of app that you will get


  1. RTU latest results, previous results, papers
  2. BTU latest results, previous results, papers
  3. PDUSU results
  4. Results by Name
  5. Save results
  6. Latest updates of universities
  7. Profile Management

Release Date

Our android app is now LIVE Download Now !

What do I need to use this app

Only the thing you need to run this app is, RJ Live Membership account
If you still don't have your Rj Live account, we strongly recommended to do so, that you can login into your account in app.